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Thank you for your interest in OAFE! There are several ways to be eligible for OAFE membership. Each eligibility category has full voting & electoral rights and its associated membership fee. We also offer honourary memberships for those in their pre-and-post Pub Ed careers, such as students and retirees. Honourary members are not full, active members and therefore do not have voting/electoral rights.

Membership Benefits

  • Full voting rights
  • Eligibility to hold office within the Association
  • Eligibility to be appointed to Committees of the Board
  • Full access to the membership portal and its resources on the Association’s website
  • No cost or discounted rates and priority registration for all OAFE training sessions, conferences and events
  • Notification of all official communication from the Association
  • Opportunity for feedback on Association, regional and provincial matters in the realm of fire & life safety
  • Access to a vast professional network
  • The opportunity to maintain the social and networking aspects as an Honourary Member post-retirement

Eligibility Categories & Criteria

Click each eligibility category to see the criteria and annual fee. If you are unsure which eligibility category applies to you, please contact us.

Fire Department

Eligibility: Must be an employee/member of any fire department within the Province of Ontario, including Community Safety Officers, whose responsibilities include fire & life safety public education.

Examples: Public Education Officer, FPO, Inspector, Fire Chief, PIO, Firefighter, etc.

Annual Fee: $50.00 for a single membership; $25.00 for each additional member of the same fire department. (Plus $5.00 admin/processing for each)

Apply now – single application (select if only one person is applying from the fire department)

Apply now – multiple member application (select only if two or more persons are applying from the same fire department)


Eligibility: An individual who is considered a specialist via their education, training, experience and/or skillset in their professional career fields and, have demonstrated their concern and professional input in the field of fire & life safety education and who, in the opinion of the Board, shall be capable of contributing to the purpose of the Association. First-time Specialist Member applications must be approved by the Board. Subsequent applications by the same member are not subject to Board approval.

Examples: Teachers, Professors, Psychologists, Consultants, Social Media/Marketing Officers, Web/Graphic Designers

Annual Fee: $75.00 (Plus $5.00 admin/processing)

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Eligibility: Members of those organizations, (corporations, agencies, associations, etc.) interested in carrying out and supporting the purpose, mission and principles of the Association. First-time Stakeholder Member applications must be approved by the Board. Subsequent applications by the same member are not subject to Board approval.

Examples: Government/Ministry Employees/Elected Officials, Codes & Standards Agencies, Fire/Safety Industry/Trade Associations, etc.

Annual Fee: $150.00 each, maximum of three (3) applicants per organization. (Plus $5.00 admin./processing for each)

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Honourary Membership

In an effort to involve individuals before and after their career in public education, the Association has designated an honourary membership. Honourary members do not have voting rights and are not eligible to hold office. The following are eligible to be Honourary Members:

  • Students: An individual who is enrolled in a fire and life safety program of study at a recognized post-secondary institution. Programs include pre-service firefighter, fire protection, fire prevention, fire & life safety, fire leadership and emergency management. Applicants enrolled in other programs will be eligible subject to Board approval.
  • Alumni: Any individual that has previously held membership in the Association.

Annual fee: there is no cost to be an Honourary Member.

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